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TB Wood's MTO Sheaves for Mine Sizer

Mine Sizer for Large Mine

A large mining OEM needed a custom belted drive solution for use on a line of mine sizers. The machines feature a pair of cleated (toothed) rollers that crush material between them to a specific size. The belted drive transfers power from the motor/gearbox shaft to the crushing roller shaft.

The OEM contacted TB Wood’s based on TB Wood’s reputation as the “large sheave experts”. TB Wood’s designed and manufactured Made-to-Order (MTO) sheaves to meet each unique sizer application requirement. The custom sheaves had between 3 and 5 grooves in sizes from 14 in. to 28 in. diameters. The sheaves were cast using ductile iron and were dynamically balanced at the factory.

OEMs and end users routinely rely on TB Wood’s for their extensive belt drive application knowledge and in-house engineering capabilities. All TB Wood’s sheaves are manufactured to exacting specifications and high quality standards at our foundry located in Chambersburg, PA. For more information about our foundry capabilities visit: tbwoods.com/commercial-castings/foundry.

MTO Sheaves for Mine Sizer


  • Made-to-Order (MTO) sheaves
  • 3-5 grooves
  • 14 in. to 28 in. diameters
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Ductile iron
  • Made in USA

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